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COVID-19 PPE: NZ Manufacturers

The aim of this page is to provide information about New Zealand manufacturers who can produce personal protective equipment (PPE) related to COVID-19.

To view government information for essential workers in health and non-health workplaces on using personal protective equipment click here.

Please note this list has been created through businesses opting in. It is up to the individual to do their due diligence before ordering or engaging with the companies listed.

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Do you currently manufacture PPE? Describe the product you are making? Your name and email Your business name Who is this product for?
Yes Service Screens for Essential Services Joe Bradford - Fiasco Essential service businesses still operating
Yes gowns, gloves, medical wipes - have these in stock and have connections to global supply chains Adam Bateman - Shoof International Limited Essential service businesses still operating
Yes fabric aprons, masks or gowns Warrick Kemp - Selke Enterprises (NZ) Ltd Essential service businesses still operating
Yes We have been manufacturing Cast Shoes, Cervical Collars, Collar & Cuff, IV Straps, Knee Immobilizer, Patient Transfer Belts, Patient Wrist and Ankle Restraints, Sacra Iliac Belts and other items for use through NZ's district health boards. We can add other sewn products to our range such as gowns, bed linen, footwear cover booties, cubical drapes and any other "sewn items" that may be required for theatre use or in other
areas of hospitals. We have also have a clicking press so we can offer a clicking service to other manufacturers and we have an EMF Welding machine(we weld our own Velcro straps -hook and loop together for our own products) and we also have an electric cutter which cuts rolls of Velcro and Webbing into shorter lengths so we can also offer a culling service for this type of product.
Denise Gordon - Gordon's Medical Limited Gordon's Medical Limited Hospitals and Private practises
Yes patient registration kiosks - they allow registration at a distance plus have a sanitizer attached to the sides Bill Bate - Iview Places where registration is required
Yes 80ml Instant hand sanitizer, 180ml Instant hand sanitizer, 500ml Instant hand sanitizer, Blue Nitrile Examination Gloves 3.5g, Blue Nitrile Examination Gloves 4.2g, Medical safety goggles, Disposable medical mask, Disposable surgical mask, Forehead Thermometer Richard Kettle - AHD LTD Hospitals and hand sanitisers
Yes Barrier creams  Alaron Products Essential service businesses still operating
Yes Barrier creams and Hand sanitizer  API Consumer Brands Essential service businesses still operating
Yes Barrier creams  C + R Cosmetics Essential service businesses still operating
Yes Hand sanitisers and barrier cream Jaychem Industries Essential service businesses still operating
Yes Hand sanitisers  Mix Essential service businesses still operating
Yes Barrier creams and Hand sanitizer - Pauling Industries Essential service businesses still operating
Yes Hand sanitisers  Parrs products Essential service businesses still operating
Yes Hand sanitisers and barrier cream  Peerage Products creams Essential service businesses still operating
Yes Hand saitisers and barrier creams  Shieling Laboratories creams Essential service businesses still operating
Yes Masks, Full medical overalls, Hand sanitisers, Thermometers, ventilators and other essential equipment. Jo Pennycuick - Real Healthcare Ltd Hospitals
Yes Waterproof and windproof outwear (Jackets and pants) and thermal Clothing Jane Ellis Earth Sea Sky Police, Helicopter Rescue Services (Otago, Canterbury, West Coast, Nelson, WEllington, Bay of Plenty, Waikato & Auckland), LandSAR, Dept of Conservation
Yes Masks peri drysdale, Untouched World Ltd Front line essential service personnel, rest homes, general publiclic
Yes Aprons Anthony Griffin Lynn River Food Processors
Yes Facemasks Ben Cactus Outdoor Consumers, responders etc
Yes Chemically resistant specialized medical/hospital compliant signage Hamish Larsen, Aura Ltd Aura Ltd For any DHB, temporary medical site for Covid-19 signage
Yes scrubs, other medical uniforms and aprons. Toby Crookbain, Blazey Uniforms Rest homes, medical clinics and some DHB departments
Yes Merino Face Masks Malcolm Walkinshaw Seabreeze Apparel Ltd All adult consumers
Yes Soap, cleaners, hand sanitiser Vicki Bailey. Kahuku Natural General public
Yes I have a commercial sewing business . We can sew anything including heavy duty materials and fabrics. Canvas included. Happy to talk to anyone that needs a hand. We are well accustomed to design and manufacturing garments. My online business is non essential so happy to look at some other way to spend our time in these sad times. Please dont hesitate to call me 0274794094 Kirsty Hill. Kirsty Hill Waiwhenua Partnership I make for the pet industry so easily make other garments.
Yes Face Masks Chiwi Holdings Ltd t/a Wear New Zealand Public
Yes Face masks and sneeze guards Phil Wilkinson Cambrian Plastics Cambrian Plastics Doctors pharmacies and food stores
Yes Hand sanitiser John Warman Paintplus Various
Yes Laundry Bags ,Soluble Bags Promotech Hospital ,Age Care
Yes I have laser-cutters. I can make face-shields. Have already sourced materials/blueprints etc. Nick Taylor : Golden Mean Calipers Ltd Healthcare staff
Yes Cotton Face Masks Sami Stretton & Stretton Clothing Company Ltd People / Elderly/ Vulnerable / Immune compromised
Yes Hand sanitiser Protective POaints Ltd food industry but can be for general use
Yes Fire retardent made to measure auto racing suits and specialised FR clothing Shane Drake Chicane Racewear Race drivers, GAS and Elctric companies
Yes NZ Gloves Limited knits Nylon, Kevlar and other gloves and safety sleeves for industry. We are currently making PPE for Fisher and Paykel Health Care who are an essential business. Lothlorian Knitwear has a team of sewers who could produce sewn articles ross goodin NZ Gloves Limited and Lothlorian Knitwear Limited F&PHC at the moment but also other safety companies
Yes Nylon Gloves and Kevlar Gloves. I have the ability to purchase two knitting machines from Japan and yarn from other sources to make face masks. It will be a $300k project but happy to discuss with anyone who is interested. Ross Goodin Lothlorian Knitwear Limited FPHC and safety companies
Yes Currently we contract manufacture canvas chaps for the forestry industry. We do however have the capability and capacity to manufacture gowns and masks (similar to image shown) provided we can gain materials from our suppliers within NZ Rachelle Canvasland Holdings Ltd Forestry Industry
Yes anti viral foaming hand wash Tracy Tooley. simplenakedsoap ltd everybody to wash their hands and arms
Yes Hand sanitiser Ben Pryor Myriad Pharmaceuticals (VEC Limited subsidiary) Gas stations, supermarkets and pharmacies
Yes Hand Sanitisers and surface sanitisers Motomuck Limited Hygiene companies
Yes hand sanitiser Marleen Pete's Natural general public, nurses, ...
Yes sewing factory of anything made of fabric. we could manufacture non medical face masks like trigema in germany ingo schleuss company branding shop ltd trading as kapinua people in the street
Yes Wet weather garments and thermal garments. Land Search and Rescue suits. Helicopter Rescue suits. Fireproof wet weather overalls. Davey Hughes, Swazi Apparel Levin. Swazi Apparel Ltd. NZ Police. Wellington Free Ambulance. MPI. LandSAR. Rescue Helicopter Sevices. Northpower.
Yes Quarantine rooms, clean rooms with negative pressure and hepa filtration to PC3B level containment. John : Winter Gardenz Ltd MPI and biosecurity industries
Yes Masks emily may. Jaedon Eneterprises Ltd Food industry
Yes N95 type masks Lanaco Ltd people in general at the moment
Yes Facemasks, Hospital gowns Quentin Poole Academy Apparel 1. Army 2. Midcentral Health
Yes Base product is water the X & Y are approved by US EPA and are food grade Allan Johnston DBA Virus-fog Business and citizens in high traffic areas needing prevention solutions kills virus in 10 minutes
Yes Industrial quality additive manufacturing and laser cutting facility capable of rapidly making laser cut face Shields (, 3D printed parts for ventilators and other medical devices, etc. Olaf Diegel, University of Auckland, Creative Design and Additive Manufacturing Lab Hospitals, DHBs, workers, etc
Yes We manufactre stainless steel equipment, hand wash stations or other stainless steel equipment etc. Ross Coppard. Mercer Stainless Ltd IUsed for any industry where they need to increse their wash stations or require stainless steel items
Yes Additively Manufactured SLS Nylon parts, Ventilator parts Gareth Dykes Fi Innovations DHBs,
Yes Soap , sanitzer James Thrupp info@nzsoapandcandle NZ Soap And Candle everyone or key services that need it
Yes face masks for the use of Lanaco Helix filters Victoria Lang Follow Ltd 'Masks for Tauranga' . This is a 'not for profit' initiative developed around a need for PPE. Initially those working in the 'essential services' who do not have access to, or have discomfort from other face masks supplied. Once we have achieved this objective, we will open up to the general public with the purpose of having the 'grocery shopper' of the household 'bubble' covered by a mask whilst shopping..
Yes Hand Sanitizer Paul Schneider, Coromandel Distilling Co. Ltd. Anyone
Yes CNC Machine shop that currently manufactures prosthetics - able to machine all metals and plastics, high precision to .002mm tolerances Sarah Ramsay - United Machinists Manufacture and assemble components for ventilators or other medical devices.
Yes We're now making hand sanitiser, either liquid spray or gel (with aloe vera). We have a permit (CH10020) from Customs NZ to receive and handle ethanol for this purpose. Rob Benden, Triple Treasure Health Foods Ltd We can maufacture and package this in a variety of formats for private consumers or public organisations.
Yes Personal face shields Cebelio All
Yes sanitizers, masks, face shield, Hazmac suit Nathan Robinson Grizzly Supplies Limited general public, healthcare sector
Yes Face shield Craig Johnston Awnings, Blinds & Covers Ltd Frontline Healthcare workers priority
Yes Hand sanitizer Terry Dalton - Five Star Products Limited Anyone who needs hand sanitiser
Yes industrial sewing capabilty for masks or gowns Barry Wybrow Shade Plus - Christchurch sew masks or gowns
Yes Face shield Craig Johnston Awnings, Blinds & Covers Ltd Frontline Healthcare workers priority
Yes we can (and do) cut foam, perspex etc for face shields and helmets. We also provide on-site liquid production of oxygen and nitrogen!s christopher boyle Fabrum Solutions Limited, AFCryo Limited Helmet manufacturers, Pacific Helmets, NASA
Yes we have 3 cnc machines and manufacture kitchens and furniture, not sure if we can help, but can if needed. Fiona NEvill Ezirest Furniture & Kitchens made ezi retails stores
Yes we can (and do) cut foam, perspex etc for face shields and helmets. We also provide on-site liquid production of oxygen and nitrogen!s christopher boyle Fabrum Solutions Limited, AFCryo Limited Helmet manufacturers, Pacific Helmets, NASA
Yes Electronic assemblies . Surface Mount electronics. Medical equipment Craig Shearer. Electronic Manufacturing Contractors Ltd Hospitals, rest homes
Yes Protective glasses and full face sheilds APL Waikato Hospital
Yes Hand Sanitiser Kyle Howard Ecochem Foodstuffs, Canterbury midwifes, Christchurch City Council, other business
Yes Medical supplies, face masks, hand sanitizer, body fluid clean up kits, First aid supplies Marcus Bird New Zealand Red Cross Inc Resellers, Businesses, plant makes for NHS in UK
Yes Thermoformed and vacuum formed plastic products Ray Hughes Formrite Plastics Ltd Other manufactures mainly for food
Yes Protection Screens Caleb ( Mortimer Upholstery and Marine Covers Factories, Health care facilities, Service stations, Orchards
Yes Face Shields Christine Clark Transport & Marine Covers Ltd Everyone
Yes Patient lifting slings. Could look at making other equipement Lincoln Smith, Zenitec Holdings Ltd Suppliers to the medical industry
Yes Hand sanitizer Nicola Real World NZ Anyone
Yes Clear Protective Screens Christine Clark TM Covers Food processors, Supermarkets, shops, petrol stations, offices
Yes industrial sewing capacity Dave Giddens Sailmakers face masks, gowns, etc.
Yes clear PVC screens Dave Giddens Sailmakers shielding employees from droplets
Yes Perspex protective counter screen, and custom design flooring graphics & signage Derek Lester - Derek Lester Building and Signage Essential services and critical infrastructure
Yes Able to make face masks small scale Scion a crown research institute Currently research but can scale up if needed
Yes Face masks and any other PPE apparel Seabreeze Apparel Ltd Medical community and consumers
Yes Any industrial product made from PVC, canvas or other textiles that are manufactured using sewing machines, high frequency welders or hot air welders for a range of products and industries. Canvasland Holdings Ltd Our current product offerings include but are not limited to, amtech, fire and emergency services, police college equipment, agricultural equipment, and a large base in custom made products.
Yes Hand Sanitiser Steve Morpeth, email: MIH Manufacturing Ltd I usually supply gyms around the country but was selling direct to public pre lock down.
Yes Hospital scrubs Uniforms and gowns Des Ford from Arrow Uniforms Arrow Uniforms NZ Ltd Hospitals
Yes Face Masks and aprons. Cattalina Townsley Storm Violet Apparel Home Support. Carers. Hospital Carers. Essential Workers. Public.
Yes Hand Sanitisers Martin Carson Peerage Products Ltd Retail, wholesale and export
Yes Hand Sanitiser Nicholas Brown Chemz Ltd NZ Police, Napier Port, KiwiRail, Food & Beverage Industry
Yes we have a laser cutter that could be used to cut protection gear Aflex Technology (NZ) Ltd T/A Aflex Inflatables face shields for those needing protection
Yes Counter Screens Weston Stewart - Ag-Tech Industries Ltd Protecting staff in shops serving customers
Yes We can change to making physical acrylic barriers with an alloy frame. Essentially, where a worker needed a clear physical barrier, we could start making these. It would be reliant on supply of acrylic and alloy Cule Marine Ltd workers needing a physical barrier to work behind
Yes Protective screens that act as a barrier between 2 people stopping the transmission of pathogens coming from spitting,coughing our talking Caleb Hill. Mortimer Upholstery and Marine Covers and PVC Safety Screens Essential frontline services ie dairys. Fuel stations, supermarkets and pharmacies. Also for food production and processing facilities that have to keep workers separated that cannot achieve the 2m distance rule. Also medical services that have a counter that need to serve people face to face
Yes Face masks and PPE clothing. Knitting machines and program to make face masks. Sewing team. Emma McDonald Textiles Essential service business and general public
Yes We can bulk laser cut textiles and plastics. We also fabricate canvas/textile products utilizing cad design, CNC cutting and industrial walking foot sewing machines. We can digitise patterns ready for CNC cutting. Can offer cad design and product development. Brendan Lockie Canvas and Covers Whangarei Varies
Yes Flexible PVC Screen systems (retracatble or fixed) made with clear or opaque PVC - ALSO PVC Carport type shelters suitable for drive thru testing Richard Cummins Fresco Shades NZ ltd anyone
Yes Face visors and protective gowns Evolution sails New Zealand Food industry
Yes Incontence briefs, bibs, Waterproof mattress protectors, limb protectors, bed pads, Pillow protectors etc. Trish Hansen email: Stay Dry Products Rest Homes, community homes, acc and some hospitals
Yes we have capacity to manufacture PVC face sheilds and divider screens as well as masks. Any enquiries welcomed Owain Jones Hawkes Bay Trim and Canvas LTD essential services
Yes Elastics, Cord, knitted and braided Mark Unwin Cordall Manufacturing Limited DHBS, Hospitals, Manufacturers of PPE including Facemasks and Face Shields, Aprons and gowns
Yes N95/FFP2 Masks, Gowns or Aprons, Goggles Yuan The Cover Guy Essential workers
Yes P2 - KN95 - Surface Sanitizer - Disposable Suits - A925 Hospital Gloves - Hand Sanitizer. Andrew Thorn - Greenback Ecommerce Limited t/a The Safety Warehouse We are importing for direct Essential Services & Large Commercial Operators (we also have a Public Capacity purchasing Pooling Structure)
Yes We make Hi Vis shirt, trouser, raiwear and food service garments Pam Brewer Global Safewear We supply world wide. Safety companies, food production industry
Yes We make industrial textile products including pvc screens and curtians which could be used for seperating areas Douglas Outdoor& Textile Innovation (Peter O'Connell) Douglas Outdoor & Textile Innovation We have used these mostly in food processing industry
Yes High Volume batches of Hand Sanitizer that meets General consumer guidelines. David White, General Manager PPG. PPG Industries New Zealand Limited. General use as Hand Sanitizer / Cleaner.
Yes Separation screens, face shields William Rhodes QCD Ltd Retail/primary produce
Yes We are a canvas/PVC workshop. Dion, Shade Plus We can manufacture PVC face shields and PVC Store Screens
Yes Protective screens for essential workers. Custom sizes and designs using aluminium t slot system. sanitation tunnel conveyors for protection of workers handling inwards goods or freight. can be flat packed for easy shipping. Matt Fisher Autoline Essential service businesses
Yes Face Shield Lloyd Mearns Permark industries Ltd Anyone
Yes We supply cutting tools and use these tools on our presses to cut most plyable products into shapes required by our manufacturing clients. From plastics to fabrics and all in between we can do cut visors for sandblasting and paint industry so are well placed for cutting face sheilds lenses for PPE Marcus Davison Pacific Pressknives 2010 Ltd Mainly manufactures
Yes Temporary Instant Medical Shelters & Emergency Tents Jonathan Blampied | | Unicrest Group Ltd | Shedline Instant Shelters Emergency & Health Services; Virus Testing Teams;
Yes Hand sanitizer, Bathroom and Homecare cleaning products including scouring pads Nick Cairns email: Tumblar Products Limited FMCG, Households, Industry
Yes Face masks Geri Crampton Samik Street wearers
Yes Full plastic face shield Lea Richardson Personal, Dental, medical
Yes Sourcing all necessary medical supplies from Chinafrom China Karleen Reeve Reeve Davies & Associates Ltd operating as RDA Medical Supplies All markets - the public and hospitals and clinics
Yes Face masks Ben kepes Cactus outdoor limited Everybody
Yes Handsfree door openers. Sanitisation stations and kiosks. Counter Screens. Barriers. We are New Zealand's leading metal fabrication and machining company with in house design capabilities. Paul Jessup - Metco Engineering Essential services and healthcare providers. Any standard door that needs to be opened handsfree to minimise risk of infection.
Yes I design and sew bags and pouches currently being used at MCDHB and CCDHB. Have made scrub caps for vets and nurses. Have recently made masks for family members Grace Gordon, Sandlewood Products DHBS AND VETERINARY
Yes Face masks Reina TSA Tech Limited Essential service businesses still operating, Hospitals,General public
Yes Face masks and pvc face shields Mark Agnew Mark Agnew canvas Essential workers and public
Yes Element have access to quality medical masks of surgical and protective type. We also have non-chemical disinfectant that is tested as effective vs Covid 19. This is skin safe, non flammable, non-bleach, no odour - available as 64:1 concentrate, ready to use disinfectant and disinfectant wipe. Stock is in the US ready for Air or Sea freight as needed, we can quickly DHL it here.., Jason Reid Element Raw Materials Ltd General Public, all staff working in factories or public contact zones. Also uses in passenger vehicles and buildings for disinfection. Is fully biodegradable.
Yes PPE 100masks For Personal Use Allan Ball Jual Enterprises Ltd Personal use
Yes PPE 100% NZ Merino Environmental Masks Robert Caisley Omega Apparel Ltd Omega Apparel Ltd PErsonal Use
Yes We are manufacturing face masks with a commercial grade moisture barrier sewn in.... but not classifying them as verified PPE Chris Larcombe Uren Barsal (Urenz Limited) Frontline workers, Essential Services, concerned NZers.... but not medical staff
Yes A full body sanitation device that will completely disinfect humans when walking into supermarket, hospital, GP etc. Sam Dunn. Evolve Hygienic Engineering Hospitals, essential building sites, supermarkets, testing stations, food processing plants etc.
Yes Hand sanitiser Ngarie Tui Balms Customers
Yes Have begun with reuseable and sterilizable faceshield headbands but can do many others on demand Carl Johnston Fi Innovations Anyone needing splash protection on the frontline of essential services
Yes Scrubs Rosalie Lyons... Super City Clothing Solutions Medical centres
Yes Face Shields - 3D Printed ShieldsUP (non profit) Medical Professional and First Responders
Yes Face Shields Embrace Design Professional and Medical Care Workers
No PPE, hand sanitiser, scrubs, hi viz workwear Maria Reese NZ Uniforms Essential services - medical, food manufacturers/distributors, infrastructure etc
No We can make cotton face masks Brenda Mathers Suite Southern upholstery & Auto Trim Ltd Anyone that needs them
No Hand snaitizer Hamish waugh Resene Everyone
No Ventilation and negative pressurisation equipment for temporary hospital rooms. Simon Hoyle, Ventuer Temporary hospitals, aged care facilities, any building that is being used to house patients suffering from COVID-19 or other respiratory diseases.
No Elastics for facemasks, webbings, and tape. Could could collaborate with businesses making PPE who need this componentry, Currently registered as an essential business Carl Wall - Habipax To provide elastics, tapes and webbing as part of PPE.
No Scrubs Rosalie Lyons... Super City Clothing Solutions Medical centres
No Face Shields - 3D Printed ShieldsUP (non profit) Medical Professional and First Responders
No Face Shields Embrace Design Professional and Medical Care Workers
No I am currently making face masks I have registered with MBIE and am awaiting their response but happy to help in any way ... I have created Facebook posts to teach people to make basic ones with household items .... itigifts Facebook and website Iti Gifts Local community but I have a shop and online art and craft business and can configure to create for online orders as I have had numerous requests
No PPE, hand sanitiser, scrubs, hi viz workwear Maria Reese NZ Uniforms Essential services - medical, food manufacturers/distributors, infrastructure etc
No We cut and sew a large range of fabrics in a wide range of garments in our workroom in chch. Kelly Dougall Mercy Clothing Ltd The tourist market, women’s fashion labels, schools etc
No disposable mask Mr.Greg Moon, Greg Moon WJ fashion of harbin
No We can make cotton face masks Brenda Mathers Suite Southern upholstery & Auto Trim Ltd Anyone that needs them
No Hand snaitizer Hamish waugh Resene Everyone
No Ventilation and negative pressurisation equipment for temporary hospital rooms. Simon Hoyle, Ventuer Temporary hospitals, aged care facilities, any building that is being used to house patients suffering from COVID-19 or other respiratory diseases.
No Out door sanitising service Johanna Stewart Vac U Digga NZ Ltd any out door area
No Capability to make gowns/masks etc Paul Bryant Upholstery Lab Hospitals/public etc
No We design an manufacture Scrubs an all essential health uniforms this includes hospital gowns and modesty wraps also linen they are all New Zealand made in our small workroom Rosalie Lyons .. Super City Clothing Solutions LIMITED Medical centres an all essential workers needing uniforms
No assistance NZDIA defence
No We are a Christchurch based manufacturer of work clothing: including hospital/healthcare, aprons, work wear, overalls. With the capability to manufacture all types of PPE and work clothing Jared McGregor - Deane Apparel Hospitals, aged care facilities, security, government departments, Farmers and PPE resellers
No Custom Alloy mounting for protective Screens Danny Sunkel GFAB Trailers Can produce for any organisation requiring screen protection for essential workers.
No We make prototype parts. We have a 500x500x500mm 3D printer that could be useful for making parts for ventilators perhaps? Denver Lawson Iffi Technologies Ltd See previous answer
No Clear plastic sheeting for roofing and screens Ampelite NZ limited Building
No Filter media for use in N95 type face masks Ray Connor Revolution Fibres Mask Manufactures
No Face masks Toni Adams, Fanny Adams Underwear Everyone
No We are designers and engineers developing medical and medical assistive devices currently working on a COVID product which we will implement into high volume production rapidly as part Nigel Sharplin InFact People concerned about infecting themselves and others
No PPK cut PPE pet visors for the painting industry. We also manufacture tooling and operate a press cutting plant for cutting most plyable materials from plastic to fabrics. Marcus Davison Pacific Pressknives 2010 Ltd Manufacturers across New Zealand for many Industries.
No Hand sanitiser Supreme Cleaning Products Everyone
No PET visors for face sheilds, but can also press cut shapes and profiles from most other pliable materials and fabrics. Marcus Davison Pacific Pressknives 2010 Ltd NZ manufacturers of all kinds
No Hand Sanitiser Stephen - Eco Smart Warehouse Commercial and Domestic
No Face shields for medical staff and healthcare workers. Don Clucas University of Canterbury Healthcare workers including nurses, doctors, surgeons, aged and disabled care workers, home use
No Elastic Habipax industries PPE Manufactures
No Disposable Coveralls / N95 Masks Tyrel Marais Toro Limited Hazardous Industries / Emergency Services / General Construction
No Distribution of N95 masks. Kye Clementson. Orthocare Healthcare workers.
No Sanitiser James Collie Pauling Industries Private label for any company or our own brand for everyone, currently supplying Fontera and the likes off
No Bulk Sanitiser - 70,000 units day PLUS 15Tonne Bulk Plus Unlimited Ethanol Supply. 25 Years Manufacturing & complete international Supply chain. Local & International manufacturing capabilities Daniel Holloway - Pauling Industries & Subsidiaries / Associated brands. Public & Private Sectors - Current Customers Fonterra, Ryman Healthcare + Many other NZX companies.
No PVC clear screens, capacity to manufacture sewn goods Monique Patterson Tasman Canvas Ltd Protecting front-line staff
No Acrylic products eg screens for retail counters Jason Sinclair APC innovate Used for retail displays
No Hospital Equipment including mattresses, temporary/rental mobile Covid-19 testing clinics, furniture, chairs, bedside lockers, emergency beds etc Lionel Don Archer Concepts Hospitals, Clinics, Wards, DHB's
No Clear Polyprop/Petg products (have the machinery to make face shields) Jason Sinclair APC innovate FMCG customers
No Hand sanitiser Philip Marsh Aica NZ Ltd Anyone who needs it
No Upholstery but capable of manufacturing most things sewn Greg Hills Interiors and Coverings Ltd Nationwide
No sneeze guards, barriers, face visors and other protective equipment made to order Graley Plastics & Lasercutting Anyone
No Face shields, hands-free door openers, emergency ventilators Olaf Diegel, University of Auckland, Creative Design and Additive Manufacturing Lab Healthcare workers and general public
No Ventilator machine parts. Face protection shields. Andrea Palmer. Palmer Design & Manufacturing Ltd Hospitals and Front line staff
No Plastic sneeze guards, barriers (supermarkets/shops), full face shields and other protective equipment Bryan Stinson Graley Plastics, Wellington supermarkets, pharmacies, hospitals, medical centres etc
No Face Shields, Face Masks Wesley Beatson Shonrei Products Ltd Front Line Essential Services Personnel, Essential Services businesses
No Hand sanitisers, Antibacterial Hand wash Living Green NZ Ltd Supermarkets, health care workers, pharmacy, nationwide
No Hand sanitisers, surface sanitisers, cleaners Elitepac NZ Ltd Healthcare, Clinics, food processors, commercial cleaners
No We are a knitting company and have 40 staff that are able to manufacture and sew a multitude of items. We are currently working on the development of face masks using Lanco filters Ross Goodin Lothlorian Knitwear Public or non medial such as support workers or taxi drivers rather than medical
No We are a auto trimming business who could make face shields Dalton Waters CityTrim Health workers, frontline staff anyone that wants one
No Face masks Emma Ensor McDonald Textiles General public & essential service staff and businesses
No PVC Clear drop blinds,Can make face shields Phillip Yerex: Yerex Upholstery General public & essential service staff and businesses
No Clear Face Shields Kevin Frost Central City Cutting Ltd Front line , Aged care workers , Police ,Ambulance , Nurses , Food packers , Retail , Trade workers, general public, Health workers , face to face consults.
No Disposable/Medical/ KN95 Face mask Alex Chen Dekang Nutrition Import from China
No Disposable/Medical/ KN95 Face Mask Hand Sanitiser Disinfectant wipe Gloves (all sizes) Alex Chen Dekang Nutrition (Dekang International Group Ltd) all import from China
No Reusable washable Cotton face masks , with changeable Helix filters. Victoria Lang ‘Masks For Tauranga’ Essentially Service workers & ‘at risk’ individuals
No Shade Sails, PVC tensile membranes. Currently available to sew any PPE or Emergency tent/shelters Nick Suckling NuRange Products Normal product line for anyone that needs shade over an area, or Covered Outdoor Learning areas, but available to sew/fabricate Emergency shelters/ PPE etc for DHB/medical teams etc, whoever needs it.We have HF pvc welding equipment available.
No Laser cut Face shields with PETG visors Lyn Sadler Laser DesigNZ Ltd Anyone that requires PPE
No face mask Cherie Chen, MEO face masks can provide effective protection against respiratory infections