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Maskell Productions Ltd

2018-06-07 |

Fibreglass manufacturer:
Pipes, chemical tanks and vessels, odour control and scrubbing systems, PVC fans, Envirotank underground fuel storage tanks, Envirotank underground wastewater and water storage tanks, ducting systems, rigid grating systems.

Metco Engineering 2002 Ltd

Company Manufacturing Capability:

Fibreglass manufacturer:

  • Fibreglass pipe for buried and above ground applications (DN50-DN3000)
  • Fibreglass process chemical tanks and vessels ( 1kL to 350kL)
  • Odour control and scrubbing systems (to 6m diameter)
  • Fibreglass and PVC fans
  • Envirotank underground tanks for fuel storage (1kL-110kL)
  • Envirotank underground tanks for wastewater and water storage (5kL-5ML)
  • Air movement systems in PVC and fibreglass
  • Above ground fibreglass ducting systems, to 4m diameter
  • Envirograte fibreglass rigid grating systems


Tony Davis  09 573 0548

Postal Address:

PO Box 11-185
Auckland 1542

Physical Address:

24 Bowden Road
Mount Wellington
Auckland 1060

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