Our Role

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Our Role

ManufacturingNZ is a division of BusinessNZ – New Zealand 's largest business advocacy group. Our goal is to create the best possible operating environment in which manufacturers can thrive and grow. We do this through the following activities.

Access To Markets

Through our partners and regional member organisations, we're able to offer your business assistance with access to both domestic and international markets, whether it be exporting, importing and other matters related to your business here and overseas.

ExportNZ, also a division of BusinessNZ, aims to bring exporters relevant and useful information about the international marketplace. Its key objectives are to: provide effective advocacy and lobbying on behalf of exporters; inspire New Zealand firms to engage in exporting to expand their business horizons and grow internationally; and provide practical support programmes and networking events to help firms achieve these goals.

The Buy New Zealand Made Campaign began in 1988. Its emphasis has shifted over the years, but the basic aim of encouraging consumers and organisations to buy New Zealand goods.

Guides & Publications

A wide range of free and member only guides and publications from BusinessNZ and our partner organisations. Stay informed on industry trends and expert opinion, as well as having access to useful guides and policies to help manufacturers grow and thrive.

BusinessNZ Publications

EMA Publications

Business Central Publications

Other Publications

Lobbying & Advocacy

Lobbying forms a key part of our role in representing New Zealand business. As manufacturers comprise a significant part of the membership of BusinessNZ’s regional business organisations, we can lobby local and central government as a collective voice and champion policies that allow New Zealand businesses like you to succeed.

Catherine Beard is ManufacturingNZ’s national spokesperson.