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BNZ - BusinessNZ Performance of Manufacturing Index

BusinessNZ in association with the Bank of New Zealand is promoting this survey of the manufacturing sector with its four regional associations, the Employers & Manufacturers Association (EMA), Business Central, Canterbury Employers Chamber of Commerce (CECC), and the Otago-Southland Employers Association (OSEA).

We acknowledge the ongoing support of our survey respondents.

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  1. How many people do you employ full-time?*

  2. How many people do you employ part-time?*

  3. Please indicate the changes your company experienced during the LAST MONTH in respect of the following indicators.

    Where 1 = Large Rise (over 15%), 2 = Modest Rise (2.5% - 15%), 3 = No Change (within 2.5%), 4 = Modest Fall (2.5% - 15%), 5 = Large Fall (over 15%)

    Production Levels*

    Employment Levels*

    New Orders*

    Stocks of Finished Products*

    Deliveries of Raw Materials*

  4. What has been the major influence on business activity in your firm over the last three months?*

  5. Overall, has the major influence on business activity described in question 4 been positive or negative?*

  6. In which region is your business primarily located?*


  8. In which area of services is your company primarily involved?*

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