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Want hot leads in Australia before your competitors?

ProjectLink is a unique service run by NZTE that reports on projects going ahead in factories throughout Australia in the engineering, marine, building and construction sectors.

It provides subscribers with qualified contacts within the Australian companies so you can make the most of your business trips to Australia and optimise opportunities – it’s like having a person on the ground in the Australian market.

This service is only available to NZ companies and only through ProjectLink.

Many of the leads are provided early in the planning process, so you have the opportunity to build a relationship before a project goes to tender.

TIP: It’s important to ring a contact rather than email. Make an appointment, then go and visit them in person. This helps build trust and rapport, and helps remove any concerns they may have about using NZ suppliers.

You need to be export-ready and have the capability to meet the market.

Want a piece of the action? Find out more here or by emailing justin.mercer@nzte.govt.nz.