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Free member service: Export Readiness Check

ExportNZ Auckland offers members a free service: the Export Readiness Check.

This is offered to members whether you are a current exporter, a business that feels it’s ready to export or even a business that has, to date, not considered exporting.

The executive committee of ExportNZ Auckland designed the Export Readiness Check based on the wealth of knowledge and experience of exporting from New Zealand that committee members hold collectively.

As the title Export Readiness Check suggests, your business performance is assessed for its export capability based on interviews with the company’s leader and then supplied with recommendations as to how to proceed (or not) into the wild adventure of exporting.

Applicants should fall into one of three business areas:

  • Currently Exporting,
  • Export Ready, or
  • Export Possible.

Application process

The process is very simple. As a member of the EMA or Export NZ, you register your interest in this free service by emailing Catherine Mullane, ExportNZ Auckland Executive Officer.

Then a member of ExportNZ’s executive committee best matched to your business will contact you to arrange to interview you. The interview(s) should take two to three hours each to complete and, where practical, will take place at your premises. This will give the interviewer the best opportunity to understand your business and ask a series of questions.

The interviewer later provides feedback by way of Observations and Recommendations on the Export Readiness Check List for your organisation.

Advice could include highlighting risks, pitfalls, other opportunities, costs, refinements, logistics and possibly marketing ideas.

Should you want to move forward and feel you lack some necessary resources, the interviewers can recommend a path you could take or people you could talk to.

Of course, careful consideration will be given to avoiding any possible conflicts of interest between ExportNZ team members and your organisation. Confidentially will be respected and Non Disclosure Agreements made available for signing.

A copy of the New Zealand Export and Trade Handbook 2010 will be given to each interviewee.

What have you got to lose? The answer is: possibly a lot of future wealth if you don’t register!


Catherine Mullane
ExportNZ Auckland Executive Officer
Email: catherine@exportnewzealand.org.nz
Phone: (09) 367 0970 or 021 636 219