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Sustainable Business Forum

BusinessNZ's Sustainable Business Forum (SBF) provides a business-centric platform for major companies to take a leadership role in defining sustainable business matters, rather than responding to government-led initiatives.

Our unequalled contact with Ministers and mainstream business ensures the SBF operates as a champion and influencer in the field of sustainable business. The SBF presents a united, pragmatic and apolitical voice, providing strong counsel to government and other key decision-makers. This drives sustainable business matters forward on a well-supported and informed best-practice basis.,/p>

A growing number of major companies representing a large proportion of New Zealand's GDP, have joined the SBF since its establishment in 2009.

The work of the SBF is carried out with the overarching governance of the BusinessNZ Council.

Value to Members

  • build the capability of NZ business to respond to global and local sustainable business challenges
  • participate in policy development at national and local levels
  • integrate environmental, social and economic factors into a business-relevant sustainable business approach
  • access state-of-the-art thinking on sustainable business
  • engage in broad and sector-specific sustainable business initiatives
  • share best practices from a cross-section of industries and countries
  • network with like-minded businesses and environmental organisations
  • participate in a member-led work programme
  • benefit from the credibility of BusinessNZ and its member network

SBF Forums

Forums focus on key matters of sustainable business for the country's leading companies. They provide an opportunity to discuss and develop proposed policy, find consensus and present options to decision-makers. The SBF also facilitates a CEO forum which meets annually.

SBF Work Programme for 2009-2010

The work programme covers three categories under which both SBF projects, and partner programmes fall. The three categories are:

  1. Policy development
  2. Building the New Zealand Business Case for Sustainable Business
  3. Building Business Capacity and Leadership

Projects for the 2009-2010 period are:

  • Water Management - New Zealand policy development
  • The Vision Project - Identifying The New Zealand Business Vision for a Sustainable New Zealand and the business pathway towards sustainable business
  • Sustainable Supply Chain Management - a best-practice multi-sector toolkit for New Zealand business
  • Sustainability Performance Benchmarking - a New Zealand framework for international comparative performance analysis

Partner programmes leverage the intelligence of business with state sector groups and research institutes. The 2009-2010 partner programme includes:

In addition, the work programme houses Special Projects. These are a means of swiftly addressing complex issues arising under tight timeframes, with practical solutions.

For programme information and membership enquiries contact Jacinta Syme, Manager Sustainable Business Forum.


Founding Members:














We acknowledge the SBF founding members who provided the vision and momentum for the creation of the forum, and warmly welcome new members who share this vision and add to the strength and diversity of the group.

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