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WelTec training meets employer expectations

Published 25 May 2015, from ManufacturingNZ

In the recent Employer Satisfaction Survey undertaken by SIL Research on behalf of WelTec, employers rated highly the knowledge, skills and attitudes of recent WelTec graduates. At the same time, WelTec conducted a Graduate Employment Outcomes Survey of graduates, and asked SIL Research to analyse the responses from the two groups. As the chart below shows, not only do employers rate WelTec graduates highly, but the graduates themselves also rate the outcomes of their WelTec training and education similar to employers.


On a scale of 1-5 (1 = not well matched, 5 = very well matched) in most of the areas asked both employers and graduates indicated their WelTec education and training met the needs of the workplace. The development of the individual items are intentional and form threads throughout most training programmes WelTec offers. This shows the value of the relationships WelTec has built with industry groups and employers over the past years, and the way the feedback from industry, employers, and other stakeholders has been taken into consideration when planning and delivery programmes of study.

Recent feedback from an international delegation to WelTec from the European Union indicated that this type of needs matching based on evaluating evidence from many stakeholders, and then showing this degree of comparability of outcomes and expectations between the main client groups was an example of international best practice.


2) Note the Relevant qualifications question was sent to a bigger sample size than in previous year.