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New Zealand Job Expo in Melbourne an excellent opportunity for Kiwi manufacturers

Published 07 April 2015, from ManufacturingNZ

New Zealand manufacturing sector is projected to grow by 1.3% per year over the period 2014-2017 – increase of about 3,362 jobs per year.

Meanwhile in Victoria several major manufacturers including Aussie icons such as Toyota, Ford, Holden and Alcoa have recently announced that they have (or will soon) be shutting their doors. 

Trade unions estimate that 50,000 jobs will disappear in the entire auto industry. Other experts believe that as many as 200,000 jobs relying indirectly on the vehicle-manufacturing industry will be threatened—including the heavy mining equipment industries.

The opportunity for New Zealand manufacturers

In 2014, the New Zealand Government announced it was supporting a series of jobs fairs in Australia to support New Zealand employers seeking skills. The response to these fairs to date has been excellent, with large numbers of employers connecting with a previously untapped pool of experienced jobseekers – including ex pat Kiwis and Aussies:

  • Perth: 22/23 November 2014 – 28 employers and 1,750 jobseekers
  • Sydney: 29/30 November 2014 – 40 employers and 1,152 jobseekers
  • Brisbane: 14/15 March 2015 – 30 employers and 1,348 jobseekers

The response from employers at these events has been exceptional with most reporting meeting dozens of high quality candidates, with many making multiple job offers and bringing much needed skilled workers to New Zealand. Several employers from Brisbane have identified 10-20 candidates that they will make offers too immediately following the event – especially in the construction and transport sectors.

Here is a sample of feedback from employers who attended the Brisbane event:

* Great quality
* Will be progressing 16 candidates with interviews.
* Really pleased with how well it went – more than met expectations.
* Soooo successful. Very pleased.
* Good steady flow of candidates – good quality for all the roles we were recruiting for
* Expected large numbers attending the show, but not for us – very impressed with numbers of interested candidates
* Great event, very worthwhile and will do it again in future.

Jobseekers too, have been impressed, with 85% of attendees for the Perth & Sydney events saying they were satisfied with the events and 70% of people met employers in their field (NB: jobseeker post event survey for Brisbane is now in the field, result will be advised when these are available).

The breakdown of attendees for the Perth & Sydney events was: 

* 30% New Zealand citizens
* 35% Australian citizens
* 25% Australian permanent residents
* 10% Other

The New Zealand Job Expo - Melbourne

The final job fair in the current series will be held at the Grand Hyatt in Melbourne on 18/19 April 2015. This New Zealand Job Expo will includes a special focus on manufacturing to enable New Zealand manufacturers to meet and directly recruit highly experienced manufacturing employees who are actively looking for work opportunities.

A very high profile marketing campaign is already underway to attract skilled people to the event to ensure you meet and recruit exactly the right people to your business. This campaign consists of public relations activity, radio, press and outdoor advertising as well as highly targeted digital marketing targeting the specific skills being sought by the employers attending.

Working In has already had talks with several Victorian manufacturers who have announced closures and they will encourage their current employees to attend. 

New Zealand companies can recruit Australian citizens and permanent residents without a visa. They can move immediately.

To be involved in this unique, one-off expo contact Working-In immediately (Scott Mathieson on 09 378 0945 or 021 555 492 or scott.mathieson@workingin.com).