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19.Government Procurement, Could do better

Published 16 July 2015, from ManufacturingNZ

We are working hard with MBIE policy staff to make Government Procurement more user friendly for small to medium size (and even large) New Zealand suppliers.Read More

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20.Plans to suspend anti-dumping protection causing concern

Published 15 July 2015, from ManufacturingNZ

There are widespread concerns from NZ industry at the moves to make it OK to dump product in New Zealand (export price to New Zealand is lower than the domestic price of the exporting country).Read More

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21.The better we buy, the easier it is to sell (and serve)

Published 15 July 2015, from ManufacturingNZ

As has been stated by many commentators, a key economic success factor for New Zealand is the ability of our businesses both large and small to germinate, survive and thrive on home shores and overseas.Read More

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22.Sell Direct without selling Directly

Published 05 May 2015, from ManufacturingNZ

Smart guided selling tools are helping manufacturers to increase sales. The end result is a better shopping experience for the consumer and for the retailer.Read More

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23.Getting the most out of apprentices

Published 18 February 2015, from ManufacturingNZ

Does your business train apprentices? If so you may be interested in the draft Code of Good Practice for New Zealand Apprenticeships, which sets out the expectations of everyone involved in an apprenticeshipRead More

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24.Christchurch business secures first Kiwi supplier deal with NZs largest footwear retailer.

Published 18 November 2014, from Cherryred Consulting

Christchurch gumboot manufacturing company Sandford Industries is well and truly back on its feet post-earthquake after becoming the first Kiwi supplier to sign a deal with Number One Shoe Warehouse – New Zealand’s largest footwear retailer.Read More

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