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1.Don’t allow dumping in New Zealand

Published 13 December 2016, from ManufacturingNZ

Dumping products should not be allowed in the New Zealand market, says ManufacturingNZ. Dumping is selling products in an export market at a lower cost than they are sold in their home market. .Read More

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2.New Zealand's economic growth owes much to manufacturing

Published 15 September 2016, from ManufacturingNZ

New Zealand's positive growth story continues - GDP figures this week show the economy growing solidly. Even more positive is the role that manufacturing is playing in our good news story.Read More

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3.Have you got an e-commerce pathway to China?

Published , from ExportNZ

We are all aware that China has some great opportunities for Kiwi exporters; but do you realize just how massive the e-commerce opportunities are?Read More

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4.Employers fine with changes foreshadowed for Kiwisaver

Published , from EMA

Business will be pleased with the Prime Minister’s basic plan outlined today aiming to increase the nation’s savings to lift economic growth, the Employers & Manufacturers Association says.Read More

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5.ExportNZ's National Exporter Survey 2012

Published , from ExportNZ

“The ExportNZ 2012 Survey shows the majority of exporters are still in a positive frame of mind despite exchange rate challenges and the lacklustre growth affecting some parts of the world economy”, said Catherine Beard, Executive Director of ExportNZ.Read More

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6.New Zealand Business Networking Organisation Helps Local Companies Secure $40m Worth Of Deals Over Past 12 Months

Published 01 January 2016, from ManufacturingNZ

The Industry Capability Network NZ (ICN NZ), a New Zealand business networking organisation that introduces local companies to major projects in New Zealand and overseas, has helped New Zealand companies secure $40m worth of deals over the last 12 months.Read More

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