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1.Don’t allow dumping in New Zealand

Published 13 December 2016, from ManufacturingNZ

Dumping products should not be allowed in the New Zealand market, says ManufacturingNZ. Dumping is selling products in an export market at a lower cost than they are sold in their home market. .Read More

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2.New Zealand's economic growth owes much to manufacturing

Published 15 September 2016, from ManufacturingNZ

New Zealand's positive growth story continues - GDP figures this week show the economy growing solidly. Even more positive is the role that manufacturing is playing in our good news story.Read More

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3.Government Decision to allow dumping gets balance wrong

Published 28 August 2015, from ManufacturingNZ

BusinessNZ is disappointed the Government has failed to heed submissions and is allowing goods to be dumped in NZ if it is deemed to be in the "public interest", via a new public interest test.Read More

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4.Exporters support TPP move forward

Published 25 June 2015, from ExportNZ

ExportNZ says the vote by the US legislature to move forward with the Trans Pacific Partnership agreement will be welcomed by New Zealand exporters.Read More

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5.TPP momentum good for New Zealand

Published 25 June 2015, from BusinessNZ

New momentum towards the Trans Pacific Partnership is good news for New Zealand, says BusinessNZ.Read More

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6.Solid stance – PSI

Published 18 May 2015, from BusinessNZ

New Zealand’s services sector continued to remain in a tight band of expansion for April, with a seasonally adjusted PSI for April at 56.5.Read More

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